McCarthy Media Group

Who We Are

A group of seasoned pros who have been around the block and have the know-how to make things happen. We've worked as consultants and advisors, broadcast and print journalists, photographers, editors, writers, magazine publishers and workshop facilitators. We get the job done. And we do it right. We know that 'good enough' isn't.

What We Do

Change management, communications, e-publishing, media relations training, corporate training, plans and strategies, and more. We work with federal government departments, private sector clients, arts and not-for-profit organizations...anyone who wants to get their message out there in plain language.

 How We Do It

Creatively ... we help employees adapt to changing work environments by getting them engaged, we guide corporate execs through the process of collaboration and inclusion, we train people to communicate through storytelling.

Why We Do It

Because the world isn't what it was. Change is the only constant.

We live in a complex world of information saturation. Getting your story heard isn't always easy. 

We will help you find your voice and tell your story in innovative ways.

We have the skills and expertise you need to help you succeed.