How We Do It

A good product is created when everyone involved has a voice and contributes. We work with team leaders and staff to get a broad picture of what is needed and help craft the message. Then we design the tools to get it out there. Using clear language and powerful images, we use Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, and PowerPoint to create interactive e-toolkits. These can be posted on-line, dropped onto a jump drive, or burned to DVD. We source all the material, create it if it doesn't exist, do the research, interview stakeholders, write and edit the content, and design the pages. We take the product from raw concept to completion and dissemination. 

Change can only happen if stakeholders are part of the process. We use storytelling, compelling imagery, and examples of success to encourage participants to embrace change. We facilitate 'town hall' meetings and workshops and create communication tools that promote dialogue and an open exchange of ideas. 

Persuasion is key to effective messaging. If a picture says a thousand words, a brand says a million. Sleek, simple, powerful, consistent: these form the basis of good branding and are our guidelines, whether we're working within an existing style guide or creating one from scratch.